Project Access Howard County, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is a volunteer led initiative that gives access to several services that are provided for the total healthcare of the residents in Howard County. These services include:


physician care

Volunteer physician and healthcare that delivers comprehensive medical care to qualified, uninsured residents of Howard County, IN at little or no cost to the patient.


Dentist Delivering Smiles is volunteering dentists in our community that provide access to emergent dental care. Primarily dealing with swelling, infection, and pain. Only a $25 co-pay with application. This is for the uninsured residents of Howard County.


Diabetic Navigation– Counseling to those who are newly diagnosed or out of control with their diabetes. Counseling for things such as meal planning, exercise, weight loss, and portion control. Offer supplies such as meters, cookbooks, and diabetic literature.


Medication Assistance works with pharmaceutical companies to provide prescription medication at free to low-cost for patients that have no insurance and no financial availability to pay for medications.

health assessment

Free Public Health Assessments where we go out in the community to do Blood Glucose & Cholesterol checks, Blood Pressure, and Body Mass Index. We also have Diabetic Counseling available.

eye glass program

Vision Care – We have partnered with ophthalmologists in the community to provide eye exams to the patients that qualify and assist them in getting prescription glasses.


Diagnostic labs, imaging and other ancillary services are provided to patients with a minimal $25 co-pay.

Our goal is for our patients to achieve optimal health outcomes.  We assist them in doing this by coordinating free physicians appointments and corresponding healthcare services.  We educate and coach each patient based on their individual need and circumstances.  Without Project Access, many of our patients would have gone untreated, without medication or under medicated, compounding their medical issues.